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"ThreeSixFive" Promo 2022

Our second full-evening length work as a company explored the concept of a year through a variety of interpretive lenses. Considering inspirations from nature, biology, the elements, ritual practices, healing, and human emotion, how can earths journey around the sun be appreciated and experienced? This concert included the debut of our Junior Company who were featured throughout the performance.

Nature's Crown

When a global pandemic limited our experiences indoors and brought about unprecedented change, it presented us the opportunity to go outdoors and embrace change in a new way. Nature is ever-changing and ever-growing. 

"Vignettes" Promo 2020

Our debut full-evening length work as a company. This concert included two major pieces titled, "Lost" and "Brink" that the company expanded on for this performance. This performance also featured guests, Chloe Carlson (Gusto Dance), Haley Fabrycki, and Junior Artists from Dance Express of Tolland.

Company Promo 2019

Take a look at some video and photos of our past performances throughout the year. some highlights include, the "5x5 Dance Festival" at University of St. Joseph, a performance titled "Comfort food" at the Lyme Arts Association, the National Dance Day Celebration in West Hartford, CT, and a trip to Martha's Vineyard for the "Built on Stilts Dance Festival"